faveo magento connector - User Guide

Tobias Burger -

By completing the setup, job que entries should import orders from the webshop periodically, so that no manual action is required. 

(C5468832 imports orders from the webshop into the webshop connector buffer tables)

(C5468848 creates NAV/Dynamics365 orders from the buffer table according to the mapping settings)

According to the setup, orders, items, customers, adresses etc. will be created from the webshop import.


In order to import the datasets manually the following steps are required:

1. Import the data from the webshop into the buffer tables: Go to Webshop Connector -> Magento -> Import / Export and select the datasets which should be imported

2. Create nav datasets (customers, orders, items, ...) from the datasets in the buffer tables: Go to Webshop Connector -> General -> Transfer Data and select the entities which should be created

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