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When you enter Shipcloud in the Search Field, you will find the page "Shipcloud Shipment", which concludes past and realized deliveries.

After a successful set-up of shipcloud, you will find also a list "Shipcloud Carrier List" with all available shipment methods and services. In a first step you need to open the list of deliveries and click on “Update Carriers”.


In case of deliveries for example, the tracking URL can be called up in order to track a realized shipment. In addition, Shipcloud's shipping label is displayed via the label URL.


In case of a sales order, important values, such as agent’s delivery code or delivery transport code, can be set in the register "Shipment".  The reason for this is, that other values like dimensions are taken over in further course.


More specifically said, the list "posted shipments" concludes different fields, such as the fields lengths, height or width, which will be taken over automatically by the previous entries. The faveo Shipcloud connector offers a page action on the booked delivery notes to generate the shipping label and calculate the price for shipment.

For the generation of the shipping label the five fields (number of packages, total weight and length, height, and width) must be filled. The weight must be greater than zero.

After the shipping label has been generated, the shipping label is saved as a PDF file in the "Shipcloud Supplies" infobox and the tracking URL for the shipment tracking is provided.

The PDF file of the label is called via "Yes". The previously generated shipping label can be printed via the Page action "Print shipping labels".

The PDF or the tracking URL for a  delivery can also be retrieved at any time during shipcloud / shipcloud deliveries.

In addition, several actions can be implemented in the overview in "posted sales deliveries".

Shipcloud offers the following options at this point:

  • Create shipping label

This action carries out the action from the card for all filtered sales deliveries.


  • Print shipping label

The same applies to "print label". This action carries out the action from the card for all filtered sales deliveries.


  • Create & print shipping label

This action will run both 'Create & Print Mailing Lists' actions at the same time.



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