faveo shipcloud connector - Setup Guide

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If you are using Dynamics 365, please get faveo shipcloud connector from appsource.

If you are using Dynamics NAV, please CONTACT US to get your Dynamics NAV Solution (Dynamics NAV 2009SP2, NAV 2013, NAV2013 R2, NAV 2015, NAV 2016, NAV 2017). The Shipcloud.navx extension must be installed in your environment using the accompanying powershell comandlets. Please also read the README file for powershell instructions.

By using the search field, you can open the Shipcloud Setup.

To complete the setup please enter the following steps:

Select a Printer for domestic shipping labels
Select a Printer for international shipping labels
Enter your shipcloud API Key in the field “Test API Key” and "Live API Key", if you do not have these, please subscribe to shipcloud.
Enter the Base URL:https://api.shipcloud.io/v1/
Select Mode to test or live
Click on Action “Check Conection” The field API Key Checked should be valid now.

Now open page “shipcloud carrier list” and Click on “Update Carriers”


In the “Carrier Mapping” Tab, please configure one or more Shiping Agent Code and Shipping Agent Service Code to match it with a shipcloud shipping agent code and shipcloud shipping agent service code you want to use.

You may enter default package dimensions, amounts and weights, differing printer options and aditional services.

You are now set up!

By clicking "show more" you can set some aditional settings if needed:

"Activate E-Mail Notification" will make shipcloud send customer notifications for this package. The standard field for e-mail adresses on the customer card will be fowarded.

 "Background processing" can be used to start the label processing in a new process. This can cutdown processing time for an automated posting and label creation scenario. Do not use this unless there is an issue with posting time.

"shipcloud reference no." is a customer number (reference) to be printed on the label. You can select a feasible field from the posted shipment. Reference field name will simply display the field name to the field no. you selected.


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